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Bimba's Improving Efficiency with IntelliSense®

Posted by Kelly Howe on May 1, 2015 08:54 AM

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Is your machine being run at the ideal line pressure? Did you spec the right size cylinder for the job? Is your pneumatic circuit properly balanced or are your actuators being starved of air? IntelliSense® works with you to optimize the performance of your machine.


Monitor Regulator Settings

By setting the line pressure alert IntelliSense® can be used to monitor regulator settings. Ensuring operators do not run equipment at the wrong pressure leading to premature wear on the machine.

Right Size Cylinder

IntelliSense® monitors the amount of air that is leaking across each seal.  In some cases cylinders can leak more than half the air supplied and still function properly.  By using a smaller cylinder in these applications the system will use less air and be more efficient.

Detect Air Thieves

IntelliSense® offers real time monitoring of inlet and exhaust air pressure.  If the air supply is not properly balanced properly one cylinder can rob air from another reducing its effectiveness.  By looking at the real time monitoring screen in IntelliSense® these air thieves can be detected and eliminated.

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