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Sweet 16! Universal Robots Debuts its Newest Model -16e

Posted by Mark Howe

Oct 4, 2019 7:28:00 AM

The eSeries family has just grown! The Knotts Company is excited to welcome the NEW 16e! The utility of this collaborative industrial robot is unmatchable. It is built for heavy duty tasks like machine tending, material handling, packaging, material removal, and screw and nut driving applications.  It handles an exceptional 16 kg of payload that is especially useful for carrying heavy end of arm tooling and can lift multiple parts in a single pick, making tasks much more efficient by achieving shorter cycle times.

Interested in learning more about the UR16e? We are happy to have you to our offices to get hands-on or review applications that can be tested right here in Berkeley Heights, NJ. 

Interested in seeing a LIVE demo? Join us in October for the following events:

October 4 - NJMEP Manufacturing Day at the Marigold in Somerset, New Jersey
October 16 - NJTMA Manufacturing Productivity 2020 event in Branchburg, New Jersey
October 23-24 - Design 2 Part show at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in  Oaks, Pennsylvania




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Christmas in July? Universal Robots' e-Series is On Its Way!

Posted by Mark Howe

Jun 28, 2018 5:47:26 PM

We were excited to hear the recent news that Universal Robots unveiled its new e-Series. We immediately ordered one to demo and it arrives in our offices in July. It will be a bit like Christmas morning as we unpack the box and gather the team to test this new cobot (collaborative robot). 

Universal Robots has a history of solid design and quality. We expect nothing less with the e-Series and look forward to offering it to our customers. Why will the new e-Series be a smart investment? Among its numerous benefits are:

  • Quick activation and deployment: under an hour to unpack, mount, and program a cobot’s first task.
  • Flexibility to change its nature of work over time as production line needs change. 
  • A redesigned control panel for an easy user interface (for the humans that need to program and control it).
  • Single phase A/C source compatibility (connect to any regular power outlet).
  • 17 safety features like collision detection are built in.
  • Space saving by design: compact and flexible. 
  • All joints are field replaceable within 2-6 minutes.
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