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Why Outsource Technical Support? 5 Ways Outsourcing Can Help Your Business

Posted by Rick Howe

Oct 11, 2011 1:49:00 PM

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Customer Problem Solving Equals Great Customer Service

Posted by Mark Howe

Aug 1, 2011 8:04:00 AM

Post Written by Ted Orlowski

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How Technology Will Evolve Sales

Posted by Mark Howe

May 2, 2011 4:31:00 PM

iPadIf video killed the radio star, then technology has definitely done the same to the traveling salesman. In today’s world of eco-conscious everything and instant information in the palm of your hand, the traveling salesman with papers, catalogs and brochures has been replaced by state-of-the-art gadgets and gizmos.

At The Knotts Company, we’re always on the cutting edge of the latest trends in the industrial automation industry, but we’re also ahead of the curve when it comes to getting you the information you need when you need it most.

We are now delivering information to our customers at lightning speed with the use of smart phones, iPads, tablets, notebooks and more. We can provide you with real time, person-to-person information—no delays, no call-backs needed.

There is no need to waste time rummaging through paper catalogs or deciphering literature on DVDs and PDF files.

The Sales Force at the Knotts Company can deliver accurate information and get you order quotes on the fly. We are always looking to improve the way we do business with you so that you can get what you need when you need it most.

Want more information? Use our contact page to get in touch with us.
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Ancora Imparo: The Key to Knowledge and Improvement

Posted by Mark Guida

Apr 8, 2011 9:33:00 AM

In order to differentiate yourself from the competition, you must engage in life-long learning.  Even if you are currently at the top of your game and leaving your competitors in the dust, you won’t be for long.  Every day new technologies, products, and ideas are reshaping the way we do business and interact with each other.  Just think about the fact that you are reading a blog post on the internet that only five years ago could have been only a random emailed message with no real target audience.  If you go back ten years, you would be throwing a postcard in the trash without even giving it a second look.  To say that stagnation and complacency are dangerous is an understatement.

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Can Outsourcing be Cost Effective for Your Business?

Posted by Mark Guida

Feb 24, 2011 11:11:00 AM

In these times of economic uncertainty, outsourcing has become a popular option to have a small, or sometimes not so small, set of components assembled off-site.  “Outsourcing” used to mean cutting local jobs, but not today.  A more accurate term in today’s market is external resource.   Using external resources offers many benefits to your business.  Below is a short list detailing the top reasons companies have shifted to using external resources.

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