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Introducing INSPEKTO Vision Products for QA

Posted by Rick Howe

Mar 11, 2020 11:49:00 AM

We have expanded our product line by partnering with Inspekto to offer the world’s first ever autonomous machine vision system for quality assurance. Inspekto, a German industrial company with Israeli DNA, created the Autonomous Machine Vision system to offer an unprecedented ease and speed of set-up, encouraging the installation of quality assurance stations at every step of the production line. 

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Topics: vision, industrial vision, quality assurance, Inspekto

Understanding Machine Automation Terminology

Posted by Mark Guida

Mar 1, 2012 3:09:00 PM

With the technology today in motion control and machine automation, there can be a large number of terms used that are unfamiliar.  This can lead to miscommunication or in the worst case, a machine that does not work.  Here's a short list of common components and terms that are commonly used with respect to machine automation that will hopefully help to reduce some confusion.

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Automatic Product Code Verification - Camera or Smart Sensor?

Posted by Mark Guida

Feb 10, 2011 11:40:00 AM

Just about every item you find on a store shelf has some kind of code printed, stamped, or burned into the packaging.  Whether it's simply the product’s part number or a complex string of date and lot codes, verification of these codes is critical.  These codes can be used to track products through the consumer marketplace making consumer support, such as recalling allergy medicine, much easier and more accurately to accomplish.  Missing or incorrect information would render the entire coding process useless.  In the past, random samples of coded products were inspected by hand.  This can be a cost effective solution when it is not necessary to inspect each item coming off the manufacturing line or when quantities are low.  In the case of food or medicine, however, 100% inspection is becoming required more often than not and on a high-speed manufacturing line, hand inspection is useless.  This is when automatic verification of the codes really stands out. 

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Topics: sensor, vision, automated inspection, industrial vision, inspection, validation, lot code, date code, laser sensor