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Quick Response to a Automation Control System Problem

Posted by Rick Howe on February 13, 2013 10:50 AM


It’s no longer all about the products.

In today's global economy, you can purchase products anywhere in the world.  As an Automation and Motion Control Distributor in the New Jersey and Metro New York marketing area, we realize that decision makers have options beyond just the Knotts Company.  That is why it is critical for us to deliver value above and beyond just products.  Here is an actual example of what we can do and how we do business.

Late on a Monday afternoon we received a call from one of our customers, a bio-tech firm.  They explained that they were having an issue with their control system and that they needed to make changes immediately in order to meet a deadline.  That evening, we tested various possible solutions until we found the right one.  Supporting documentation and testing procedures were retained in order to show the customer how we arrived at the solution.

The following morning, with the solution and documentation in hand, we met and discussed the solution. With our years of technical experience and knowledge of various applications and products, we were able to cover all of their concerns and questions from operation, specifications, performance and availability.  We then confirmed the performance from our testing the previous night using their control system which gave them confidence in our decision.  Also, from initial conversations, we were aware that they needed to ship three machines, not just one.  So, with that knowledge, we brought three units allowing the customer to immediately implement the fix and meet their commitment.

Are you getting the value?

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