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Tips For Energy and Cost Savings for Compressed Air

Posted by Rick Howe on February 22, 2011 12:56 PM

Air Preparation NorgrenCompressed air is an excellent source for power and motion when utilized properly. There are ways to make the creation and usage of compressed air more economical and reliable. In the New Jersey/New York industrial market, operating costs are an important issue with Automation and Motion Control applications. There are many tips that we can assist you with, but here are a few key ones:

  1. Lower the Pressure - You’ll be saving at the compressor when you lower the pressure. You can then use larger bore, double piston actuators, or intensifiers downstream to get the same force at the previous higher pressure.  The higher initial purchase cost of these components will be irrelevant in the long term due to lowered running costs.
  2. Actuation - By reducing the pressure on the non-working stroke, if your application allows, since the standby force required is usually less.
  3. Filter and dry the air at the Compressor - Clean & dry compressed air maintains proper flow and pressure through the plumbing. Your components will last longer and maintenance will be reduced since the corrosion from moisture and other contaminants are being eliminated by proper air treatment.
  4. Selection of Proper Components - This is always a way of saving both costs and energy. Proper valve and actuator sizing to your application can make a difference. Over-sizing or under-sizing components has impact on both energy and component cost.

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