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Do you use a Stainless Steel Sanitary Conveyor?

Posted by Mark Howe on March 12, 2012 09:12 AM

7400 Cleaning In an article published on the website, Clemson University’s professor emeritus John Surak’s job as a consultant to the food processing industry focuses on safety and quality. “…food safety is job 1, quality is job 2, and you’re always concerned with both…” states Surak in the article.

Even in today’s difficult times, food processing must maintain the highest standards to keep their products safe and sanitary while meeting production and profit requirements. This balance can sometimes be difficult, but with the right equipment in place the challenge can be made easier.

Stainless steel conveyors can contribute greatly to your food processing operation in many ways.

  • Hygienic frames and surfaces make the conveyor areas safe for foods to be moved, processed, or packaged

  • Stainless steel is much easier to clean and can be done in a short period of time

  • Stainless steel is adaptable for hot or cold food processing and can withstand many extreme temperatures without any issues

  • Some stainless steel conveyors have quality assembly systems so that there are minimal seams or fasteners so that particles and debris cannot accumulate and cause unsanitary microbial growth

  • The surface design of many stainless steel conveyors makes the process very streamlined so that production operations move quickly

  • Stainless steel is highly durable and cut resistant - equipment can last for years with only minor routine maintenance

  • USDA, BISSC, and the FDA all approve the use of certain stainless steel conveyors for the food processing industry, as long as appropriate care and cleaning is utilized during operations

When considering options for food processing equipment, utilizing stainless steel conveyors is a smart move and can keep your plant safe and sanitary while meeting your productivity and profit objectives.

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