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New Food Grade Electric Actuators from American Actuators

Posted by Mark Guida on March 5, 2013 09:00 AM

American Actuators, Inc. (part of the Precision Technology Group) is pleased to extend the range the VICTORY Series of actuators with versions specifically designed to meet the requirements of industries including food and beverage production, food packaging, and pharmaceutical equipment. These industry applications are harsh on general purpose actuators due to the caustic cleaning agents and high pressure washdown regiments. 

The VICTORY FoodGrade series models are engineered to withstand the environmental considerations. The VICTORY is a multiple frame size, modular, screw-driven electric thrust cylinder (electro-mechanical ram style actuator) platform. Currently it is offered in four frame sizes, with stroke lengths up to 60 inches, and force capacity to 12,900 lb-f (57kN). Ideally suited as a clean and efficient hydraulic cylinder replacement, the VICTORY Series is designed to offer equipment builders and end-users a rugged, flexible, low-maintenance linear actuator platform for thrust and speed control. One design does not fit every application and budget, so two basic models of VICTORY FoodGrade Actuators have been developed.

The economy FG1 model enhances our basic VICTORY design with food duty epoxy paint on the aluminum body components, FDA compliant seals and grease, and stainless steel inner ram (thrust rod), rod ends, and hardware. For a full stainless steel exterior, step up to the FG2 version. Enhancement include a body design to remove corners, seams and crevices where bacteria can collect, and internal limit sensors.


For more information on the Victory FoodGrade series of actuators from American Actuators, click the link below and fill out the contact form.  Please include any appropriate information that will help select the correct actuator for your specific application.

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