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Dorner’s Precision Move Offers Gang Drive Option for the 2200 Belt Conveyors

Posted by Mark Howe on April 10, 2013 10:15 AM

Editor's Note: This guest post was provided by Dorner Mfg.

Dorner’s Precision Move technology for its 2200 Series low profile belt conveyors now offers a gang drive option to power and move multiple conveyors from one common motor.

A gang drive offering allows one gearmotor to drive multiple conveyors at the same speed with positively driven belting – a feature that’s especially useful in automation, sortation, vision inspection, part positioning and indexing applications. The gang drive location is typically in the middle of the conveyors to free up the ends for interfacing with other equipment. The Mid-Drive for the 2200 can be located anywhere along the frame between the two ends for maximum flexibility. Dorner’s Precision Move technology represents the latest advancements in timing belts and drive technology for those applications that call for extremely accurate movement of product at specific times, distances and intervals.

Dorner 2200 Precision Move Gang Drive

An added feature to the Precision Move Gang Drive option is being able to adjust the distance between connected conveyors to adapt to changing applications or product sizes. Conveyors can be spaced as far as 48” apart, and can adjust as needed adjusted while operating for maximum application versatility. In addition, the precision belts provide exact speed match from conveyor to conveyor making the moving of parts accurate and precise.

Features of the Precision Move Gang Drive conveyor include:

  • Gearmotor below the level of the belt – allowing unimpeded flow of product if it’s wider than the conveyors
  • Multiple conveyors can be ganged together to operate at the same speed
  • 4” minimum spacing between conveyors with standard guarding installed
  • 1.75” minimum spacing between conveyors without guarding
  • 200 pound total load capacity

Dorner’s Precision Move represents the complete conveyor package for exact product movement. It includes the timing belt, integrated servo motor and drive, controls and mounting for the gearmotor. The 2200 Series complete conveyor package has an accuracy +/- .40”.

Dorner’s Precision Move package can be delivered with a 2200 Series conveyor in less than 10 days from time of order. For more information on the Precision Technology Gang Drive option, visit:

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