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Bimba - All Composite Cylinder Stands Up to Harsh Fumes

Posted by Kelly Howe on November 8, 2016 09:00 AM

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Bimba Composite cylinder blog2.pngA customer desired an all-composite cylinder for their semiconductor application that could withstand the harsh environment of hydrochloric acid fumes used for surface cleaning. This required both the cylinder rod and body to be made of, or coated in, plastic.


Bimba’s engineering team confirmed that PVDF, a highly nonreactive and pure thermoplastic fluoropolymer, was suitable for the application and for the cylinder’s piston rod construction. Bimba applied the Double-Wall cylinder concept to protect the standard 304 stainless steel cylinder from the harsh fume environment. To create a protective sheath, the Bimba PC plastic end caps were sealed to the cylinder body with PTFE. Perflourinated ether lubricant, a substance compliant in semiconductor applications, was also used. This all-composite cylinder delivered superior chemical resistance while providing the excellent life and rugged wear characteristic of a Bimba Original Line Cylinder.

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