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Bimba's IntelliSense® - Working 24/7/365

Posted by Mark Howe on March 20, 2019 10:14 AM

Did the pipes freeze in your house this Winter? While on the home front there's no anticipating such a mess, inconvenience, and conundrum of insurance paperwork, Bimba's IntelliSense® can give you some peace of mind on the factory floor. Its suite of products delivers real-time performance data (even to remote users) on standard Bimba pneumatic devices which keeps things running smoothly and helps one identify issues 24/7/365. 

IntelliSense® is a highly flexible measurement solution that allows for cylinder life monitoring, production data collection and pressure decay measurements. With integrated MODBUS communication over RS-485, IntelliSense® can be connected to a PLC for enhanced system control and monitoring.The addition of an IntelliSense® Data Gateway allows for remote monitoring and data logging of process performance and cylinder life.



How it works:
  • The “intelligence” lies within the IntelliSense® Sensor Interface Module (SIM). This remote monitoring device gives users operational insights at the device level.
  • The IntelliSense® SIM can be easily connected to Bimba cylinders using pneumatic fittings.
  • Using a sensor pair, IntelliSense® is able to report a range of data, including cylinder condition, stroke time, end of travel, pressure and temperature.
  • Data and insights can be sent from the IntelliSense® SIM to a PLC for advance alarming and controls while also sending real-time information to a PC or IntelliSense® Data Gateway, which enables remote monitoring and data logging for user analysis.
  • The machine-to-machine technologies allow for close monitoring of individual components, giving users the insight needed to move from emergency repair to proactive upgrades––optimizing production as a whole.

IntellisenseIntelliSense® has now been available for 4 years and we have customers relying on it every day to monitor their production and protect their equipment. We can provide many examples of how adopting this tool can help avert downtime and equipment damage. 

Contact us today for more information about this "peace of mind" technology: or 908-464-4800.


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