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Bimba's Rotary Actuator Provides Industry Leading 1080° of Rotation

Posted by Kelly Howe on May 7, 2015 11:49 AM

This post is brought to you by Bimba.


Bimba_Vane-Buster_BlogAn OEM required rotary motion to open and close a hopper door. The existing vane style rotary actuators used in the application were inadequate for a number of reasons. Vane rotary actuators often leak significantly, have short seal life that requires frequent preventative maintenance, and have a reduced torque output at the beginning of its rotation.


Bimba developed a rotary actuator called the Vane-Buster™. This special design uses a lead screw and non-rotating piston rod assembly to rotate a keyed shaft for the customer to use. This new and unique solution uses the tried and true design features of a linear actuator and packs them into a compact package equal to that of a vane rotary actuator.


  • Long, reliable seal life requiring minimal maintenance.
  • No seal leakage like in traditional vane style rotary actuators.
  • No lost torque at start up.
  • Industry leading torque output values from 20 to 500 in-lbs, compared to 105 in-lbs from similar vane style rotary actuators.
  • Available from 0-1080° rotation with minimal backlash.
  • Interchangeable with Brand S Vane Actuators.

Other Applications:

  • Transferring
  • Operating a Ball Valve
  • Diverting - Gate Valves
  • Conveyors

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