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Knotts Team Spotlight on Carol Kulevich

Posted by Mark Howe on February 19, 2020 08:54 AM

We have another Knotts team member with 32 years of service! Carol remarks that our work in the manufacturing sector keeps "the economy moving and growing." We'd also argue that Carol's great work ethic, industry knowledge, and long tenure has proven that she keeps The Knotts Company "moving and growing" too!
Name: Carol Kulevich
Customer Service Department
Title: Customer Service Representative
Years at Knotts: 32
Tell us about what you do: 
Customer Service is a marvelous interaction with customers, vendors and colleagues in order to satisfy a customer's needs. It involves talking with customers, to identify what they need, and then,
after entering orders, it means expediting material with our suppliers. Sometimes there are returns to handle, or ruffled feathers to smooth, or mysteries to decipher. Communication and problem-solving skills definitely help me do my job.

What else have you done at Knotts over your tenure?   
I first came to Knotts as a Marketing Specialist, which involved writing internal and external Company newsletters, doing "lunch and learns" at customer locations, interacting with Manufacturer Marketing Departments, and handling sales leads for our outside salespeople. I moved into Customer Service about 20 years ago, and the rest, as they say....

Why have you invested so many years of your career with Knotts? 

I’ve stayed here because I really enjoy working at a small company, where you can use many skills, and have a direct impact on success. I particularly love being involved with manufacturing. Helping our customers make things is very rewarding; we keep the economy moving and growing!

What you love most about working at Knotts?
Knotts is a great place to work for a variety of reasons. Having colleagues who share a passion to get the job done for our customers is really a plus.

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