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Introducing INSPEKTO Vision Products for QA

Posted by Rick Howe on March 11, 2020 11:49 AM

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We have expanded our product line by partnering with Inspekto to offer the world’s first ever autonomous machine vision system for quality assurance. Inspekto, a German industrial company with Israeli DNA, created the Autonomous Machine Vision system to offer an unprecedented ease and speed of set-up, encouraging the installation of quality assurance stations at every step of the production line. 

“We’re looking forward to introducing the Autonomous Machine Vision system to our clients who deal specifically with quality assurance inspections,” said Mark Howe, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Knotts. “We feel strongly that Inspekto’s systems have the ability to save our clients time and money and help ensure top notch inspections—a key element to a successful production line.”

DSC03289-EditAccording to Inspekto, the Autonomous Machine Vision system costs 1/10th of traditional QA solutions and is also 1,000 times faster to install, improving overall productivity. The Knotts Company runs two INSPEKTO S70 demo units—one in-house and the other portable—that they look forward to sharing with clients. The possibility of creating mobile QA stations is an innovation made possible by AMV technology.

Powered by Plug & Inspect™ technology, the Inspekto S70 system brings sophisticated QA professionals an autonomous machine vision for visual QA, gating, and sorting. Inspekto puts the industrial plant in focus, to serve customers—the QA Professional—with an out-of-the-box visual QA system, installed within minutes, for any location, for any product, at any time. Learn more about the Inspekto S70 here

­­About Inspekto
Backed by leading industrial businesses from across the DACH region, the firm is out to reshape the machine vision sector, introducing the first powerful entries into the new Autonomous Machine Vision category. Inspekto’s Autonomous Machine Vision systems are designed to revolutionize the machine vision market, replacing existing integrator-centric solutions with an out-of-the-box product that puts inspection directly into the hands of QA managers. The systems are driven by Plug & Inspect™, the first integrator-less technology for visual quality inspection, gating and sorting. For more information, please visit

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