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Move Products Vertically & Sanitary with the New AquaPruf Conveyor

Posted by Kelly Howe on December 11, 2015 01:37 PM

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Dorner_Vertical_mover_blog1.jpgThe new AquaPruf Vertical Belt Conveyor from Dorner Mfg. is engineered to move bulk products in straight-up 90° sanitary applications. Featuring Vertical Belt Technology, the AquaPruf Vertical Belt Conveyor comes with a proprietary staggered sidewall belt that provides more pocket capacity than a traditional bucket elevator. 

Dorner_Vertical_mover_blog2.jpgThe conveyor comes with an open frame design for quick cleaning and more effective product changeover. The AquaPruf Vertical Belt Conveyor is perfect for elevating bulk products such as: vegetables, fruits/grains/nuts, popcorn, pet food, pharmaceuticals and small packages in applications such as: elevation for walk-thru, hopper feeding, weigh scale feeding, general bulk handling and sanitary environments.


Performance specifications of the AquaPruf Vertical Belt Conveyor include:

  • Dorner_Vertical_mover_blog4.jpgLengths – infeed and exit 
    • Minimum length = 20” 
    • Maximum length = 72” 
    • Length increments = 1/8”
  • Heights 
    • Minimum infeed TOB = 16” 
    • Maximum outfeed TOB= 240” 
    • Height increments = 1/8” 
  • Belt speed up to 100 feet per minute

Features and benefits of the new AquaPruf Vertical Belt Conveyor include:

  • Quick belt change in 20 minutes
  • Self-releasing sidewall for improved product release
  • Staggered sidewall that can be individually and easily repaired if damaged
  • Clean-trough sidewall design for improved cleanability 
  • Open frame, tool-less sanitary design for fast cleaning
  • Drive gearmotor located on main column outside food drop zone 
  • Customizable product sizes available in 25 days or less
  • FDA approved and USDA certified food safe belt material

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