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Payback Calculator - Let’s Do the Math

Posted by Mark Howe on August 14, 2018 07:35 AM

Is new technology right for your business? The question driving this response is almost always: will it make a difference to the bottom line?

At the beginning, an investment in manufacturing can feel risky, ur_roi_196x152especially when either replacing a function an employee does or integrating the technology to partner with your employee. There is much to consider. Data is key as you justify the expense to company leadership and possibly the bank if you’re seeking credit. In most cases, you'll find there's a technical solution that will both increase productivity and save your organization money.  

On the financial investment front, we have a tool to help you calculate how many months it will take until you have return on your investment (ROI). This is the magic number you need to justify moving forward. Get started here: or call into our office and we can run the numbers for you: 908-464-4800.

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