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Polishing Components with Collaborative Robots

Posted by Mark Howe on March 20, 2017 12:44 PM

UR-Cert.jpgPolishing, buffering and sanding often require a very specific, delicate touch to ensure consistent quality.  Collaborative Robots combined with a Force Torque Sensor can ensure consistent polishing and buffing on the parts surface.  A Universal Robot with force control as part of its programming structure allows for this, and offers a flexible solution that will automatically adjust position in order to achieve the desired force.

The following video demonstrates the polishing of a plastic workpiece - made easy using the OptoForce Force Torque Sensor on a UR3.

Collaborative Robots can provide the following improvements to your polishing application:

  • Apply certain torque around predefined axes
  • Consistent and predictable quality
  • Relieve workers from ergonomically unfavorable strenuous tasks
  • Polish curved and uneven surfaces with adjustable force mode.

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Topics: Universal Robots, Application, OptoForce