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Sweet Improvement to Packaging Operation

Posted by Kelly Howe on February 12, 2015 11:13 AM

This post brought to you by Precision Technology.

Industry: Food Packagingvictory_food_grade-crop-blog2

Operation: Collecting ten 4 pound bags, pushing them together into a station to be wrapped as a bundle, and then pushing a series of bundles to the palletizing area.
Issue #1: Poor positioning reliability of pneumatic cylinders causing improper wrapping. Feed rates were slowed to compensate, and yet the operation needed to be stopped constantly to manually intercept bad wraps and reintroduce the bags onto the conveyor line.
Issue #2: Monthly maintenance requiring two spare cylinders at the ready, and the annual purchase of a replacement unit.
Issue #3: High cost of operating low-efficiency pneumatic system.
Solution: Precision Technology Victory Series V55 FG1 electro-mechanical actuator
  • Durable and compliant epoxy finish and stainless steel on the exterior aspects that are not painted
  • Handles the forces needed to move ten bundles (400 pounds) constantly to the palletizing line
  • 48 inch operating stroke
  • Capable of making the full cycle (push and retract) in less than 3.5 seconds
  • The only routine maintenance is lubrication due to high duty cycle, which can be done without removing the actuator from the machine.

The precise and reliable positioning of the servo motor driven Victory Actuator has mitigated the manual intervention while increasing the speed of operation. The high efficiency of the system has also reduced operating costs, and reduced maintenance and replacement costs have "sweetened" the return on investment!

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