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Change is Constant: 80/20 T-slot Aluminum Products

Posted by Mark Howe on August 28, 2018 11:48 AM

T-Slot Provides Flexible Solutions


From cycle time to throughput to changeover metrics, there’s no end to the daily concerns and issues that you deal with in an industrial marketplace. You’re tasked with continually improving key metrics as well as complying with evolving regulations, which means change is the only constant.

The structure of 80/20 profiles and accessories allow infinite positioning along the T-slot which equates to reduced set up times and faster changeover rates. With T-slot profiles you don’t need to compromise between strength, appearance and flexibility.

Total Cost of Ownershipindustries-manufacturing-img2

80/20 products are aesthetically appealing and don’t peel, chip, fade or rust. You won’t spend unnecessary time maintaining projects built with 80/20; it’s easy to clean with closed-sided options available to prohibit dust and debris build up. All with a decreased total cost of ownership compared to options such as steel or prefabricated units.

industries-manufacturing-img3These other alternatives have high hidden and long-term costs. Steel requires a very skilled labor force and does not accommodate change. It requires a lot of maintenance and runs the risk of losing structural integrity with modification or repairs. Another drawback is implementation; the design-order-ship-build cycle is lengthy.


Completely Customizableindustries-manufacturing-img4

Prefabricated options are cookie-cutter and not tailored to your process. They are not as sturdy, dependable, or as strong as custom options. They don’t last as long, can’t be reused, and aren’t reconfigurable. Most often something off-the-shelf can’t be integrated into your existing application.

Time and time again, 80/20 gets the call to come out and replace shoddy prefabricated or steel products with its modern, adaptable and strong profiles, panels and parts. Avoid lost time and money; talk to a design technician today about your 80/20 industrial manufacturing solution.

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