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A Peek Inside Knotts’ Toolbox

Posted by Mark Howe on July 18, 2018 07:45 AM

One of the strengths of our President, Rick Howe, is looking broadly at our industry and our company, noticing things the rest of us may miss. He’s great at stepping back, analyzing things and sharing his insight. Oftentimes it’s a market opportunity we hadn’t considered before or a subtle industry shift that’s caught his attention, but recently it was far simpler a message than usual.

Basically, some of our customers may not understand the spectrum of products and the high level of technical support we bring to the table. We tend to focus our marketing messages on a single product, new releases and industry-specific solutions, but we rarely share the extensive menu of what Knotts offers in a single space.

So, without further ado, sharing our company’s strengths and areas of expertise:

You may have noticed we started our list by highlighting our team. That was by design. Our employees have cared for our customers for years from the day-to-day technical support, to customizing and implementing engineering solutions. Furthermore, they are eager to keep learning new technologies and we are firm believers in training and investing in their knowledge base.  Knotts could not have lasted 66 years without smart, customer-centric professionals at its core!

Knotts represents 30+ manufacturers. Most likely, we have the tool or solution to grow your business. Give us a call at 908-464-4800 so we can solve your challenge or raise your company’s productivity to the next level.
Knotts training

Tony Sylvestri of The WAGO Corporation presents products to the Knotts Team, July 2018

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