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Unitronics - Energy Plant Solutions with PLC+HMI

Posted by Kelly Howe on March 16, 2017 09:00 AM

This post is brought to you by Unitronics.

When you need reliable control fast, an all-in-one PLC+HMI saves development time.


ECH Engineering in Bristol, England needed a PLC that would offer impeccable control for their environment chambers. They implemented a Unitronics Vision1210 PLC with integrated HMI, impressed by it’s easy to use software and powerful capabilities.

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ECH Engineering, based in Bristol, England, designs, builds and test refrigeration systems. They combine cutting edge scientific research with engineering experience to create optimized systems to all types of temperature controlled applications.

Unitronics Energy Plant Solutions with PLC+HMI2.pngCreating these applications is a complicated process. ECH required tightly controlled environmental chambers for their research. The preferred to build these chambers in house, but were having trouble finding an appropriate control system. None of the off-the-shelf control systems met ECH’s requirements.

In need of advice, ECH approached Tecnologic UK, a distributor of process control solutions, including Unitronics all-in-one PLCs. In addition to temperature control, ECH needed impeccable reliability and they needed a solution fast. Tecnologic suggested a Unitronics Vision1210 PLC+HMI. This full-function PLC has an integrated 12.1-inch touchscreen and advanced communications options. All the ladder logic, HMI design and communications configuration are programmed in a single software environment for easy implementation. ECH was able to implement a single control system to regulate humidity, temperature and fan speed.

The Unitronics Vision1210 was a great fit; Edward Hammond, ECH’s principal engineer, explains “we very quickly had the system programmed and installed and it has never let us down!” In fact ECH Engineering has had so much success with the Vision1210 that they now use it as the basis for all of the chamber control systems that they sell commercially.

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