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Technology That Loves Dirt & Dust ?

Posted by Mark Howe on December 3, 2018 04:18 PM

Absolutely! This is a strength that Bimba's Vaccon products have over its competitors. They are designed for messy environments.

A multitude of applications could utilize vacuum technology, but pick and place handling comes to mind immediately since box erecting/opening applications use vacuums and the cardboard dust regularly creates problems with some pumps that are multi-staged (containing filters and screens). 

This video shows - in classic Dr. Vacuum style - how Bimba's single stage vacuum pump mitigates the dust and debris produced in a case erecting application. 

We also found a fun case study in which a bakery needed to lift cakes and box them. Cakes aren't easy to move and are prone to crumbling. But in this case, Vaccon CDF 750H Adjustable Air Amplifiers provide continuous vacuum flow with added control solenoid valves for instant on/off release. The crumbs in this photo, below, are not problematic for Vaccon's products.

 Vaccon-cakeKnotts has partnered with Bimba for many years and can attest to the quality of their product lines and can reference so many examples of how their technology has made a positive difference in a variety of applications. 

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