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A Real Life Experience with the 80/20 Extrusion Mobile Showcase

Posted by Mark Howe on June 28, 2011 02:18 PM

Aluminum Extrusion GurneyRecently a Knott's customer contacted us and arranged a visit from our 80/20 Aluminum Extrusion Demo Van to see some of the latest products being offered.  Our account manager Jerry pulled the van right up to the shipping bay to set up shop.  The 80/20 Demo Van contains a fully loaded gurney that shows all the extrusion profiles as well as hands on demos.  Jerry pulled the gurney out and set up shop before the customer's engineers arrived on scene.

It is about the experience and opportunity to see and handle their various products.  80/20 has a huge catalog and anyone can accidentally miss an important part.  The customer's engineers have used the product in the past but to the surprise of our salesman, they were unaware of the many different options.

Before Jerry knew it, word had quickly spread around the production and purchasing departments.  At this point the quick demo turned into a conversation about product application and usage.  A brainstorming environment was created by getting the product in front of the customer. 

Seeing the 80/20 Demo Van removes the barriers of a brochure and promotes idea exchange and knowledge.

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