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Pneumatic Motion Control Integrated with EtherCAT

Posted by Rick Howe on October 5, 2011 09:40 AM

Pneumatic Motion ControlUsing pneumatic motion control is not only a safer and cheaper way of operating equipment, but it is also more reliable, much simpler to use, and it can even be used in the case of a power failure.

Using compressed air or other pressurized gasses to operate equipment – whether it be in the field of dentistry, mining, or construction – will always prove to be the most cost effective method of operating machinery. Compressed air is much cheaper than electricity, and it is also much safer in comparison to Hydraulics or other methods of equipment operation.

Combining EtherCAT with pneumatics brings about the ability to automate and control your pneumatic machine processes – which will enhance your overall business productivity, while keeping operating costs to a minimum.

Many myths surround the use of pneumatics, such as the machines are “spongy” and lack precision – and that they “cannot operate with heavy loads.”

In comparison to hydraulics, pneumatics is able to prove all three of these misconceptions wrong.

In combination with EtherCAT technology, pneumatic motion control can create amazing results by using real-time applications through a programming environment – that is able to automate the machinery process to create a fast, safe, and cost-effective production routine.

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