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3 Different 80/20 Aluminum Extrusion Applications

Posted by Mark Howe on October 17, 2011 10:32 AM

80/20 Aluminum Extrusion can be applied just about anywhere. It really is only limited by your imagination. This post is going to cover three applications that we have been involved with in the past 20 years.

Machine Guarding

This isn't the supermodel of applications, but it is an extremely important application of the material. Machines have a variety of functions and most of the time we want to keep the operators limbs away from them. Aluminum extrusion is the solution. The versatility of the t-slotted design allows you to create a guard that will cover everything safely. Depending on what the function of the machine is, you can put panels or mesh inside the t-slots. Still need access? Not a problem. Add some doors with safety switches. Now the maintenance team can access various parts of the machine without having to disassemble the guard.

Here is an example of a Machine Guard:

80/20 Machine Guard

Machine Frame

Building a machine frame out of aluminum extrusion is a great opportunity to see the full potential of the t-slot design. The modular design allows to quick adjustments or additions during the building process. Everything looks great on a computer screen or paper, but when it comes to the point of assembly some changes might be required. Aluminum is easy to cut and the t-slots allow you to easily add to the existing design. One of your concerns might be the strength and integrity of the frame. Nobody wants their frame failing at the customer. 80/20 has large 3" by 3" and 3" by 6" extrusions that will create a solid base. Choose the right fastening method and you have a frame close to the strength of welded steel.

Check out this machine frame with an integrated guard:

Machine Frame and Guard

Movie Set

One of the coolest application we have been involved with, is helping build parts of a big screen movie set. Not the everyday application. This was a great chance to see someone really thinking outside the box. Can you name the movie?

80/20 Tech Room

Now ask yourself, What are you going to build with 80/20?

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