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Selecting a Pneumatic Cylinder - 5 Tips to Maximize Performance

Posted by Rick Howe on February 6, 2012 01:22 PM

Bimba Flat CylinderThere are a few things to consider when specifying the correct air cylinder for the right job so you maximize performance and longevity, while giving you lower operating costs for the duration of your application.

Here are a few points to consider in the selection of air cylinders:

  1. Weight- What is the weight of the load that you need to move? Select a force factor that is 25% greater than the load to help compensate for friction.
  2. Speed- How fast will you be moving the load? When you have higher speeds you will need to increase your force factor to move the load quicker. Depending on speed and weight the force factor could be as much as twice or greater than the load itself.
  3. Air Pressure- This is critical for the proper performance and getting the most life out of an air cylinder. Too low of a pressure and your load won’t be moved efficiently or speed requirements not met. Too high of a pressure creates stress on the cylinder and could possibly damage the cylinder as well as the load.
  4. Bore Size- Select the correct bore size to determine your force factor at your selected pressure. There are charts available to assist in this selection from the manufacturers or you can consult with your Automation Specialist.
  5. Mounts- How a cylinder gets mounted affects the performance and life expectancy. By selecting the correct cylinder mount you will optimize cylinder strength, efficiency and alignment. Selecting the correct Pivot or Rigid mounting style will help you avoid side load problems which are the major cause of cylinder failure.

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