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Bimba - Adjustable Axle Lifting System Provides 10% Cost Savings

Posted by Kelly Howe on December 8, 2016 09:00 AM

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Bimba  adjustable axle lifting blog2.pngChallenge:
A trailer axle sub assembly requiring seven different heights needed a robust, yet simple and cost effective, semi-automatic system to replace a manual screw jack. The design also needed to be telescopic in nature to provide a total travel distance that was longer than the total overall length that the cylinder could be.

Bimba engineered a telescoping, multiple positioning system that is operated by one Mead directional control valve. One set of TRD NFPA tie-rod cylinders allows the system to drop below the conveyor so that each assembly may pass. A set of Bimba Original Line cylinders along with a set of stroke limiter spacers and stop blocks provide semi-automatic variable positioning. The stopper cylinder positions the sub assembly at the correct location for engagement with the multiple positioning system. This was a cost effective solution versus PLC and electronically controlled positioning, saving the customer 10%. The user friendly design improved yield, enhanced safety, and reduced maintenance on the machine.

Bimba  adjustable axle lifting blog3.pngBenefits:

  • Saves 10% vs. PLC and electronically controlled positioning
  • Low maintenance/higher yield process
  • User friendly design provides enhanced safety

Other Applications:

  • Lift table
  • Palletizing
  • Assembly line

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