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Flexible Assembly Process using an Asycube 240 and a UR5 robot

Posted by Mark Howe on July 25, 2017 11:42 AM

The LIAA collaborative workcell by Asyril’s partner Teknologisk Institut (Denmark) demonstrates a collaborative and reconfigurable assembly process, where the Asycube 240 presents to the robot 4 different small elements to pick, in order to assemble radial-axial bearings produced by the Slovakian company Spinea.
  1. The different elements are fed on the Asycube 240 unit using a flat plate and integrated white backlight.
  2. The different elements are detected thanks to an advanced vision system, based on a tool mounted camera and a stationary camera, and algorithms implemented by the commercial vision framework Halcon. Different vibration patterns from the Asycube 240 are used to center and flip the elements using Asyril’s 3-axis vibration technology.
  3. The components detected as being reachable and in the right orientation are picked by a Universal Robots UR5 robot arm using a vacuum-powered flexible multi-gripper.
  4. The whole assembly process, including the communication with the vision system, the communication with the Asycube 240 and the robot motion planning, is implemented thanks to the CoWorker framework, developed by Teknologisk Institut Denmark.

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Topics: Asycube, Universal Robots, integration