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IAI's Example of Adhesive Applicators Demonstrating CT Effects

Posted by Kelly Howe on July 1, 2014 10:00 AM

Brought to you by IAI's Application Examples of Productivity Imporovement.

Production Amount per Day:
560 ⇒ 940 pieces: ⇒  Productivity Improvement of 68%

Equipment Overview

An Application for applying an adhesive to the cover of the lamp lights and an indicator light in the manufacturing of electronic components.

X-Axis: RCP2-SA7C
Y-axis: RCP2-SA7C
Z axis: ISB-MXL
Dispensing of the adhesive: RCP2-RA10C

Problems of the Air Cylinder Used

  1. They were dispensing the adhesive by using the air cylinder. The dispensing rate was changed because the air pressure was unstable and the adhesive was interrupted or lumped. 
  2. The viscosity of the adhesive changes under the conditions such as temperature, so that it took time to adjust the dispensing pressure.
  3. Defective parts were made when the adhesive that attached to the work parts formed adhesive strings that weren't cut off after dispensing.

Benefits of the Electric Actuator

  • The 45 second cycle time has been reduced to the 30 seconds because the amount of adhesive dispensed always stayed stable.
  • This enabled the supply of adhesive to be stable all day after trial testing each morning.
  • The failure rate due to adhesive dispensing reduced to almost zero from about 10 pieces a day since they set movement to cut clean the dispensed adhesive. This movement was of the electric actuator in the vertical direction and the slide table.

CT Effects - Reduction in Cycle Time/Choco Tei


(*1) When the air cylinder was used: (8 hours - 1 hour Choco- Tei) / 45 seconds = 560 pieces per day

(*2) When the ROBO Cylinder was used: (8 hours - 10 minutes) / 30 seconds = 940 pieces per day.


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