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Knotts Team Spotlight on Joe Maresca - Celebrating 42 Years at Knotts!

Posted by Mark Howe on August 2, 2019 04:17 PM

As we continue to share the rock stars of The Knotts Company, we thought to profile Joe Maresca who is the man who makes those fast shipments of replacement parts possible for all our customers. He may be "behind the scenes" to our clients,  but for us around the office he is ever present and our "go to person" for so many things. We are incredibly grateful he has spent his career with Knotts. 
JoeMarescaName: Joe Maresca
Department: Inventory/Purchasing
Title: Inventory Manager
Years at Knotts: 42
Tell us about what you do: 
I manage physical inventory (cycle count enough to have a personal relationship with some items!), maintain inventory database, stock ordering, credit returns, member of the in house “IT committee”.

What else have you done at Knotts over your tenure?   
I started out in Customer Service and moved to purchasing and inventory control.  

What’s a recent challenge a customer (or internal Knotts Team) brought you and how did you solve it?
We recently had our system computer server go down and I put my IT skills to the test and was instrumental in getting the right person to fix it.

Why have you stayed with Knotts so long? 
It’s my family…you don’t quit your family!!

What you love most about working at Knotts?  
The work environment has always been upbeat and positive. The company ethic has always been unwavering in honesty and fairness. I like my family!

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