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Knotts Podcast Interview Features Josh Cloer of Mobile Industrial Robots

Posted by Mark Howe on November 13, 2019 08:10 AM

As we continue to explore manufacturing technology and industry trends with our colleagues, we wanted to devote an episode to AMRs, Automated Mobile Robots.

If you are looking to safely enhance your distribution operations,  solve manual labor transportation needs, or are thinking about logistical solutions for you factory floor or warehouse automation, this podcast is for you.

d4d128f47aedc7b2f31f0d6876d9bfaf4701c398We've partnered with Mobile Industrial Robots for a few years and since our customers are very much benefiting from this technology, it seemed smart to invite Josh Cloer, Sales Director for Eastern US and Canada, into the sound booth. He explains the current landscape for AMRs and predicts how this technology will be further pushed in coming years. We'll also explore ROI, what kind of facilities and applications the MiRs are best suited for, what makes a MiR different from other AMR solutions, safety considerations and much more. Listen here:

For more information about MiR, including specs and to discuss your application details, contact or call 908-464-4800.

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