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Let's Take a Closer Look: The RG2 Force Torque from OnRobot

Posted by Mark Howe on April 24, 2019 04:00 PM

or_rg2-ft_01-800x600Companies that make the decision to bring collaborative robots and an end-of-arm tool like OnRobot's RG2FT Gripper will no doubt appreciate the strength of this new partner on their factory floor or warehouse. Technology like the RG2FT can change the trajectory of a company. We recommend this gripper often as it performs high quality, precise work and, as a result, saves companies a great deal of money over time.


One can automate high precision assembly tasks with OnRobot RG2-FT. Its built-in 6 axis F/T sensors at its fingertips provide extremely accurate gripping for better production quality. It is especially useful in assembly, pick and place, and quality/testing applications.

Among its features:

  • Gripper with F/T sensor at the fingertips

  • Detects items using proximity sensor

  • Anticipates the risk of slipping and acts accordingly

  • Precise & simple depth compensation

  • Integrated force-controlled insertion software

  • Force/Torque sensor for enabling precise machine tending, assembly jobs and collaborative operations

For technical specs, download the data sheet here

Our web site offers more information about this and other OnRobot products. Do contact us for further details or 908-464-4800.



And see the quick reactivity, strength and precision of the RG2FT doing tasks at Automatica last year:



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