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Posted by Kelly Howe on August 1, 2017 09:00 AM

This post is brought to you by Bimba.

unnamed (1).pngMachine jams are a costly problem in the manufacturing world, costing $50,000 and more in lost production, labor, and materials per instance. Diagnosing the source of the problem quickly can save manufacturers from significant losses and improve overall production speed and uptime.
IntelliSense® is a solution to rule out pneumatic actuators as a source of machine jams. Customers may be reluctant to install untested equipment on their machines, especially if it would require reconfiguring the existing control panel to make room, so Bimba developed the IntelliSense Enclosure. This custom system provides all the functionality of an IntelliSense Sensor Interface Module (SIM) in a "plug and play" solution featuring four SIMs. The enclosure allows customers to quickly install IntelliSense and begin testing.
  • Pre-wired enclosures simplify installation
  • IP65 fiberglass enclosure eliminates the need to find room in control panels
  • Window in panel door allow user to see SIM status lights easily
  • All SIM outputs are available via bulkhead connection, Ethernet, MODBUS RTU, and sinking output
  • One and two SIM enclosure is compact, enabling it to easily be moved between applications
  • Sensor fittings and cables sold separately, providing flexibility

Download IntelliSense® Catalog Below:

Bimba IntelliSense Brochure


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