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Knotts Team Spotlight Turns to Walter Valentin

Posted by Mark Howe on June 15, 2020 11:18 AM

Walter (Wally) Valentin is celebrating 21 years in our Production/Assembly department! Wally is a master at bringing our customer's visions to life and he loves what he does. A true problem-solver, Wally is a valuable asset to the team. Congratulations on 21 years, Wally!
Name: Walter Valentin (aka Wally)
Department: Production/Assembly 
Title: Technician
Years at Knotts: 21 
Tell us about what you do: 
I make ideas come to life by turning designs into fruition!  I build 80/20 products components into full, complete custom assemblies in our Knotts Shop. We also configure and customize various pneumatic projects containing pump and cylinders to design a system specialized to our customer's needs. My position requires a collaboration between various technicians in our Production Department, Assembly/Engineering department, Logistics for outbound shipping, Customer Service, as well as the Sales and Business Development divisions.

What else have you done at Knotts over your tenure?
Why change when you love what you do?  I have been doing custom assemblies/systems for the entire 21 years here at Knotts.
What’s a recent challenge a customer (or internal Knotts Team) brought you and how did you solve it?
Assembling a customer's very intricate frames, which is a delicate product and process due to its nature in the medical field. To be safe with the product, I needed to layout foam and take other preventive and safety measures to reduce the amount of issues during assembly process and delivery. I wasn't able to just "build" like I usually do. I had to meticulously and cautiously handle every piece to ensure the product was 100% quality controlled from start to finish up to customer spec.

What made you stay here so long?  
Good people. The employees and Management make Knotts the best place to work. 

What you love most about working at Knotts?   
Again, the people. Daily interactions, jokes, laughter, fun, and business keep us running. We are a family.

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